I’m a walking stiff

A zombie moving

With frozen flesh like a corpse after death

Vacant eyes and a soul so bereft

Inside lie all the prizes of theft

Stolen time behind a golden façade

A gilded throne that was hewn from a log

Half submerged in a bog

Decaying flesh now a feast for the frogs


With small steps I keep shambling on

Rambling song as I’m trying to move

Feeling like the woman trapped in the Louvre

Desperate to prove that I’ve healed

But past the face is not a beautiful field

It’s a wall that’s reluctant to yield

A shield meant to hide

A rotting man with corruption inside

The Titan

My first real attempt at a poem.  I tried to play around with the internal rhyming, and had some fun doing it.  Let me know what you think!

The titan ignites bright lights in the night and

Starts wars and fights everything in his sight then

What catches his eye?

Ten knights who hold high ten swords forged from diamond.


Shouts fill the great silence as they the beast frightens.

They duck his rope’s flight as they hope to smite him.


The titan ties ten knights then,

And when his great might starts the cord to tighten,

From great height he asks, “Are you ready to die men?”