Work in Progress Outline (Insert Snappy Book Title)

My story, which is as of now untitled, (I foresee this oversight becoming a massive headache down the road) revolves mostly around the royal family of Tora: King Agrathor Vyrai, his sons Delthor (22) and Silthor (14), and his daughters Illikiin (23) and Eliira (17).  The Queen, Foriina, died during widespread plague outbreak years earlier.  Other main characters include Michos, a sailor living in the western port city of Seashear, Haedin, a young knight fighting as a member of the First Guard, and Alor, a member of the Order (placeholder name until I think of something less vague).  POV characters are Alor (only for the prologue), Haedin, Silthor, Eliira, and Michos.  So, on to the actual outline:

Prologue: (Alor’s POV)

We are introduced to Alor, and he gives us insight into the state of the Order as he stands watch over the entrance to Magemont with a young, lazy initiate named Jay.  A messenger appears from the whirling blizzard to deliver a letter from King Agrathor.  The letter is for Alor’s mentor Caern (a.k.a. the Scribe), and it asks him to accept his youngest son Silthor into the Order.  After a discussion about the politics of the Order (letting in sons of noblemen for money instead of based on merit), Caern decides to send Alor to Tirliv-Ka to bring Silthor to Magemont.

Chapter One: (Haedin’s POV)

Haedin, along with the rest of the First Guard, is fighting a pitched battle in the middle of a downpour in the shadow of Castle Alaviin.  They are fighting Saldarians who took over the area after it was abandoned during a plague outbreak.  (Saldar lies to the south of Tora, and Alaviin is along the border).  After the battle, we meet other members of the first guard: Gurok, Haedin’s friend who can often be found drinking, laughing, or fighting, Wessel, an old soldier that was hamstrung in a fight and now serves the company however he can, and Berndel, the commander of the company.  As Haedin is being treated for a minor cut he received during the battle, he receives the news that Berndel is splitting the First Guard; half of them are staying at Castle Alaviin and the other half are returning to Tirliv-Ka.  Wessel and Gurok are staying behind, while Haedin and Berndel are leaving.

Chapter Two: (Michos’s POV)

The western coast of Tora is lined with sheer cliffs, and the only passage is known as the Maw.  A gap in the cliffs opens into a bay and the largest port in Tora, Seashear.  In this chapter we meet Michos, one of the mariners who defend the Maw.  He is returning from a routine scouting expedition and racing another Toran ship back to Seashear.  He wins and they pull into the harbor.  The other captain is his friend Paten, who is revealed to be the son of Roland Lyons, lord of Seashear.  As they stand and chat on the docks, another ship straggles in after them, a burnt out husk that is taking on water fast and sinks before it can reach the docks.  A few survivors manage swim to shore, where they are able to recount what happened.  They were assaulted by two Saldarian ships, but they were able to sink one and drive off the other.  Michos and Paten bring this news to Lord Roland, who decides to send Paten to Tirliv-Ka to tell the King and to get some experience with Toran court life.

Chapter Three: (Eliira’s POV)

The Toran capital Tirliv-Ka has been mentioned often, but this chapter is where the reader gets their first glimpse of it.  It is a sprawling, but heavily fortified city that surrounds the palace, which is a gleaming collection of soaring towers and massive halls, with beautiful gardens decorating the grounds.  It is here that we meet Eliira and the rest of the royal family.  The family, sans Agrathor, all sits together at dinner: muscled Delthor, the epitome of a warrior, and attempting to keep some measure of control over his sibling, small, plain Illikiin, reading as she eats, only rarely offering a comment, young, quick-witted Silthor, somehow finding breath between mouthfuls to tell stories and crack jokes, and Eliira, beautiful but not distant because of it.  She matches her younger brother comment for comment, although she eats far slower.  (I want this chapter to have more to do than just introduce the family, but I haven’t yet figured out how to tie the plot/subplots into it.  It will definitely need some revising.)

Chapter Four (Silthor’s POV)

A lot of news is arrives to the palace in this chapter.  First, a messenger arrives with the news that Castle Alaviin has been retaken, and that the First Guard should return in about a week.  This leads to great celebration from Lord Borgar, exited that his castle would soon be his again.  Agrathor declares that a feast will be held when the Guard returns and preparations begin city-wide, everyone ready to celebrate the end to a long campaign to reclaim the lost territory.  Amidst the hubbub, a cloaked warrior arrives, fiery eyes shining above a dark beard streaked with grey.  He identifies himself as Alor, but speaks only sparingly.  He has many conversations behind closed doors with Agrathor, and Silthor attempts to listen in.  After a few attempts, he is caught, and Alor and Agrathor decide to disclose their plan.  Upon hearing that he is to be sent off to Magemont to join the Order, (still need a better name), he leaves and goes to a secluded place in the gardens.  Illikiin finds him and talks to him about the Order, convincing him to at least keep an open mind about going.

This is as far as I’ve outlined, because I tend to be an outline as I go while taking random notes of big-picture ideas kind of person.  This is a new project that definitely needs fleshing out, but I am overall happy with what I’ve outlined so far.